Sorry guys, I was meant to blog about 2 weeks ago! I am afraid I had few recipes I worked on and had an intention to share. Sadly they didn’t turn out good enough to share. I hate this happening when you are making your own recipes. Plus I don’t share anything I don’t like, I need to test and test before sharing. I’m going to lay off the recipe creation for a while, just too much disappointing results :(

Moving along Ms D and I went to yum cha at Wealth Garden. I am so happy because I haven’t had yum cha for a while close to a few months! Definitely satisfied my craving. We ordered so much food between 4 people and best thing is it came with a small price tag. What’s convenient about Wealth Garden is they have their own car park and there is also a bus stop right in front (279 goes by).

What really bugs me about the yum cha I experience in Melbourne is that most dim sums places seem to come in threes. Back in Sydney it usually comes in fours. Its frustrating when you have a perfect yum cha table of four! What are you guys thoughts about this?

I couldn’t fault any of the food here here at Wealth Garden. We ate our food so fast :) . Not much I can say about the food but I love every dish we ordered!

pork ribs

Chicken feet

bean curd rolls

Gai lan

“ma-lay cake”

har gow

siu mai

cheong fun with char siu

sticky rice with lap cheong

deep fried taro dumplings

“low sah bao”

prawns + quail eggs

Thank you Ms D for introducing us to Wealth Garden and I can’t wait to return soon :) . I recommended making a booking as it gets packed during lunch hours.

866 Doncaster Road
Doncaster East, VIC 3109

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