I spend about 10 minutes circling king street wharf for this restaurant then I got a call from Amanda asking where I was. She mentioned the entrance by the restaurant was in the street side not the wharf side. We booked at The Malaya for a table of 11 for Michael’s surprise 25th (hello quarter life crisis!) on a Friday Night. The place was buzzing with noise and people. It was indeed a full house. Booking is definitely necessary! We were told we had to follow a set menu due to the amount of people.

My mojito mocktail!

Ghost Mocktail- Vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and fresh vanilla bean shaken with milk, ground cinnamon and nutmeg.


Salt and Pepper prawns. These were the perfect blend of salt and pepper. The outside was so crispy and the inside so soft. I could eat a whole plate of this!

Chicken Satay. The Sauce didn’t agree with my tastebuds and lets not discuss why it is awful looking as well. The chicken was very tender. I happily scraped the sauce off and then it tasted great.

Chilli Beansprouts and Snow peas.

Peppered Chicken, I don’t remember this being very peppery.

Kwai Du – Flat rice noodle stir-fried dry style with chicken, prawns, beansprouts,onion, shallots, chilli and egg.

Korma Lamb. Didn’t try this. Not really a fan of lamb.

Curry Prawns with Roti Canai. Oh this dish was too spicy for me. Lefted me with a burning sensation the whole night.

Heres the roti for the curry prawns. Very crispy!

A birthday isn’t a birthday without ice cream cake! Vanilla ice cream and mint chocolate with oreos. Nom nom :)

Happy birthday Michael!

verdict: I wouldn’t advise people with a dislike for spicy food to visit this restaurant practically most dishes have chilli in them. They charge us a further 8% of our total bill for some kinda of service. I think it was due to the amount of people. Still that price is damn ridiculous! Take note of this with large bookings. With all that said it was a very satisfying meal! I highly recommend the popiah and salt and pepper prawns. You can probably find much cheaper prices elsewhere. We ended up paying about $60 per person for Malaysian food!

39 Lime Street
King Street Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000
* enter by street entrance

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