On the weekends, it is a chore to get up early. I am not a morning person and even for food I will find it hard to wake up. Little did I know, there was a close local breakfast restaurant near my place. Thanks to Ms D for introducing me to this breakie place. The location is tucked away in the suburbs and I assumed this place is dominated by locals. Despite its’ location, the restaurant was about 3/4 full.

Lovely Space

Coffee – Mr gave me a thumbs up on the coffee. In case you are wondering why it’s in a takeaway cup it was ordered in a large. No large cups for coffee :(

Whipped Avocado, ricotta, poached egg and sourdough $10. The $10 does not deceive you, it was really that cheap. I really love that the ricotta, avocado and egg matched perfectly. Just a little on the downside was that the egg was a little overcooked. Perhaps just by a minute but parts of the egg were still gooey!

Eggp0rn! Still gooey

Mr orders Portobello mushroom, goats cheese, poached egg and seeded sourdough $13. I love the mushroom in this but I admit that I prefer the avocado dish slightly more :)

The Foodrinkery is family friendly and at the time of our visit, many of the other customers were families with children. There were also tables at the front or in the backyard if you prefer to sit in the sun.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a lovely new year :)

22 Banksia St
Burwood, VIC 3125

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