Hey guys! I am still alive. I’ve lost my mojo to blog simply because of laziness. I have been limiting myself to eating out less now. I also gotten quite lazy bringing my SLR around and even my point&shoot camera. I’m combining two restaurants reviews in this blog post since both are pretty quite brief. Sadly to update you on the oven it’s still not fixed meaning I really don’t know how I could participate in the sweet adventures blog hop on Monday :( .

Straits of Malacca

This teh tarik was frothy and good in my terms. Although I have yet to find one that meets the one at Mamak

The stuffed wings was probably the highlight. I can taste the char-ness of the wings and it reminded me of my favourite chicken wings back at Greenwood yumcha North Sydney. Mr himself was quite happy with this version.

Char Kway Teow sadly lacks the wok hei. Wasn’t too bad

I spotted the dry wonton mee on the menu. When ordering the waitress mentions there wasn├óÔé¼Ôäót any bbq pork but will be happy to replace it with steamed chicken. I was a little sceptical how this will work but I wanted my wonton mee fix so here we go. The wonton noodles tasted really bland, in fact all I can pick up was the oil and flour from the noodles. In the end I had to add more soy sauce. Another interesting thing is rather then steamed wontons they have deep fried wontons. The wontons were the only plus point of the whole dish itself.

The dry wonton mee comes with a side of chicken soup. Their version is comforting and you can’t really go wrong with a chicken soup.

I am a little too harsh in this review – it was their opening night after all. However I am keen to return for the teh tarik and stuffed chicken wings.

The Grand Tofu

The Grand tofu are famous of their “yong tofu”. Now if you are stumped and haven’t heard of Yong tofu – it is basically a noodle soup with stuffed tofu.

You can pick between 3 types of broths

1. Curry
2. Braised soup base
3. Tom yum

The Yong tofu comes with 6 pieces of items. You can pick your 6 items of “stuffed tofu/fish/etc” and even your noodles. I went with the braised soup base and assortment of the stuff tofu, fishcakes, bean curds & stuffed vegetable. The broth was light but it was good since most of the items included are quite flavoursome. The stuffed tofu was very filling and I was so full afterwards.

Teh Tarik. Nothing too special but still happy to have my fix of teh tarik.

Hor fun – Now this hor fun is something. It was amazingly generous with the seafood and the gravy oh boy where do I start! It was so flavoursome that I had to steal a few spoons of it, Mr himself had to stop me.

I already pestered Mr Himself about returning to The Grand Tofu. Both plus points for good food + good value. The restaurant is really packed on Saturday night.

Straits of Malacca:
247,Chapel street
Prahran, VIC 3181

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The grand tofu:
102 Kingsway
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
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