I am a very nitpicky eater with duck, it needs to be cooked a certain way or a certain type for me to eat it. In general it has to be a nice shade of pink or if fully cooked it has to be Peking Duck! I am a big fan of Peking duck. My favourite is the large amount of skin to meat ratio. The skin is the best part.


I was so glad Daisy suggest Simon’s Peking Duck for a girls night out. I have driven passed many times and still haven’t been. It has been on my wishlist for a while.

There is only two duck sittings for duck one at 6pm and 8pm. Sadly it was a bit tough working out a time for dinner on a work night, 6pm was too early and 8pm was too late. It was tough to have it at 6pm since a lot of us finished work at 5:30pm, we were a bit worried since Simon is dabbed the Duck Nazi! So 8pm was locked in which is a bit late but perhaps probably worked out better


We opted for the first option a duck & pancakes, bean sprouts and duck soup x 2 between 6 girls and shared 2 fried ice cream. Ended up being about $22 per head which is darn good!

Despite the Duck Nazi status Simon ended up being so hilarious! His duck naziness did come out he wasn’t impressed there was a tiny tea leaf of my plate opps!

The star dish arrived, the lovely Peking duck. o=Oh boy the skin shines so bright oh duck skin.. Sadly there was some bits of duck that had a bigger ratio of meat but that’s okay. Overall it was undeniable one of the best ducks I had. Well truth is I haven’t had much Peking ducks to compare it to.

Simon is very peculiar on how to wrap the duck. First you put the duck, spring onion, Cucumber and sauce to the right side

Take the bottom and fold up. Simon dabbed this the “six o’clock”.

Fold top part down. “12 o’clock”

Fold across from the left to the right. “9 o’clock”

The bean sprouts dish arrived soon after we polished our duck. Nothing out of the ordinary but did its trick in filling us up.

The duck soup was pretty mediocre, it was a bit bland but it was a good cleansing plate after the duck

After endless chatting we ordered two fried ice cream. I didn’t realise how big they were! We did ordered another dessert called silky apple but the waiter must of missed it and we didn’t get it.

After we finished dessert we were quickly slapped with the bill. Well given it was 10pm I understand!

So tell me readers, where was the best Peking duck you ever had?

197b Middleborough Rd
Box Hill South, VIC 3128

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