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Moving along, last night the Mr, MiL and I drove towards the north eastern suburbs, to Jade Kingdom. Originally, the plan was to get Mr the Taro / yam bowl / ring fix. He has been crazily craving it for a while. Mr’s workmate Mr C mention recommended this place to us. The bad side is that Jade Kingdom is located in the suburbs and if you aren’t around the area, it’s bit of a trek. However, it is close to Macleod train station in a walkable distance. Please don’t let the location turn you off. This is a lovely suburban gem that everyone should visit.


We really over-ordered. We didn’t realise how extremely generous the portions would be. We ordered 4 dishes between 3 of us when what we really needed were three. It was a positive outcome because we decided to have the Hokkien Mee for takeaway so the Mr and I can split it for lunch on the next day.

We ordered the coconut rice and boy, it was so fragrant. It was not as grainy as Omah’s but it was soft and very fragrant.

The dish we were looking forward to is Chicken Yam Pot! The chicken is so well seasoned and satified the Mr’s craving. Silly me, I accidentally ate the ginger in the bowl. You might be also able to find some “gold” (fried lard bits)

My MiL was wanting an omelette so we got a combination Omelette. The serving was so generous with so many ingredients on the omelette and that size! It’s nothing of a wow dish but I wouldn’t mind having it again.

The Sambal Kangkong is a bit spicy for me but perfect for the Mr and MiL. Once again big portion.

On Urbanspoon, the Hokkien Mee is raved many times. I knew it was something we must order. As mentioned we had to get it taken away. I really regret having it split in half with the Mr. We should have ordered 1 each. It was too delicious. The best part is the crunchy bits of lard in it.

I can’t wait to return to try to other foods. Just an FYI, if you decide to visit Jade Kingdom I recommend you to book. I came on a Monday night around 7:15pm and it was full house by the time it was 7:30pm. There is a decent amount of parking on the side street. Ling recommends the homemade tofu and I was eyeing a tofu sizzling dish all night!

233 Waiora Rd
Heidelberg Heights, VIC 3081
Phone: 0394583188

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