Last week I had the pleasure of attending a food bloggers dinner at Manly’s Garfish along with fellow bloggers Thang & Katheryn from Noodlies, dumpling girl & cheesecake boy, Karen from Citrus and Candy, Rita from Spoon, fork & Chopsticks and Jen from Jenius. We are here to taste the new autumn menu.

The dining set up.

Upon arrival we had three canapes

  • treacle cured yellowfin tuna
  • Atlantic salmon tartare
  • crisp fried zucchini flowers
  • with wines

  • ‘Geppetto’ brut, mornington peninsula, victoria, non vintage
  • three ponds semillon, hunter valley, NSW 2010
  • To much dismay I didn’t get a picture of the tuna, I was too engrossed in eating it! The tuna was cured for a few hours with salt then dipped in bonito flakes! It was very juicy and tasty.

    Atlantic salmon tartare, also has bits of salmon roe.

    crisp fried zucchini flowers, inside consists of kingfish

    Bread to start the dinner off.

    The entree is seared Hervey bay scallops with fennel remoulade, orange reduction and bacon crumbs. I find there is a lot going on this dish but upon tasting it was really light, which is a good thing as an entree. Makes you anticipate for the main! The crumbed bacon kinda felt like the texture crushed nuts. The entree was matched with the wine from eden valley, SA 2010 called “the zeppelin”. The Zeppelin was my favourite wine of the evening. The wine was crisp, sort of fruity and oakey. Probably well pair with the seafood.

    The Main is the prawn and scallop cannelloni with white beans, grilled cherry tomatoes, avruga caviar and shellfish bisque. The shellfish bisque is make with prawns and lobster shells, the cannelloni is steamed. The main sounded pretty heavy but at first bite it was blissfully good with a well balance of flavours and couldn├óÔé¼Ôäót stop bite after bite. Mr himself mentions he found it was exactly the right balance. The executive chef Stewart mentions the cannelloni is not braised in the bisque. The main was matched with thistle hill organic chardonnay 2009 from Mudgee, NSW. The wine is soft and not very heavy.

    The dessert consists of an Assiette of desserts, which is mainly taken from the garfish menu but with smaller portions. First up was the Hazelnut Pavlova. I am not a big fan of pavlova but this one a small portion and light and airy in flavour. The Dessert was matched with Cookoothama, botrytis semillon from murrumbidgree NSW. The wine was fruity, with plum and sultanas.

    Baby belgian waffle with Caramelised banana and rum & raisin ice cream. The Belgian waffle is a yeast based waffle which differs from the American style waffles. Garfish also makes the waffles in-house! The waffle is very tasty and works amazingly well with the banana and ice cream.

    Last but not least was the mouth-watering Nougat and honey semifreddo. The highlight of the meal was this lovely piece of semifreddo which was raved by everyone! It was not very sweet and delicious upon every bite. I look forward to revisiting and having this again but of course on a larger scale :) !

    The executive chef Stewart Wallace was very kind and lovely answering questions about dishes!

    I look forward to visiting Garfish again, perhaps at a closer venue to us!

    1/39 East Esplanade, Manly NSW 2095
    T: 02 9977 0707
    F: 02 9977 2272

    * Mr Himself provided the wine details since he appreciates wine more than I do.

    I dream in chocolate dined as a guest of Garfish and The Digital Marketing Agency

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