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Temasek – Singapore Chilli Crab

We finally got around to eating Singapore chilli crab at Temasek. I am gathered with my old workmates Ms C, Mr S, Mr K1 and Mr A. We pre-order our chilli crab a few days ahead. I sigh a sense of relief knowing we didn’t have the angry waitresss this time in fact our waiter was really polite.

Chendol drink relives the spicy aftermath of the meals. But I am finding it beyond too sweet for my liking. My comrades had no problem with it.

The chicken is tender and silky but cold. Ms C claims its her favourite dish.

Chicken rice

Char Kway Teow – this dish was so spicy that Mr A decided to steal my chendol drink! I did mention that we didn’t want chilli in the dish. I guess this heat of the dish is the norm without chilli. Their version is tasty but it was painful tasty.

Sambal balacaan Okra.


1.8 pounds ~ $77. Noticed the gigantic plate with a big pile of sauce and small amount of crab. I did found Harry’s version much more flavoursome and more rewarding to eat. However I still find it delish and more value for money.

We are presented with a plate of ewww plain white bread to mop up the sauce.

71 George St
Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9633 9926

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Here is miss C and I gearing up excitement to have Singapore chilli crab.

We are faced we utter disappointment as we came to realise that the Singapore chilli crab had to pre-ordered DOH! (which is stated in the menu). Sigh!

Oh noes what to do?

Ordered a chicken laksa of course! The laksa is a gigantic hit of flavour and tongue burning goodness. Actually too burning for someone like me The chicken is tender and full of laksa goodness.

Hainanese chicken rice. I stole a piece and was heavenly good.. and awesome with kecap manis!

the Chendol drink is listed under desserts (was expecting it to be served in a dish of some sort) it consists of green “worms” jelly things and red beans. Quite a pairing with hot dishes :)

side view

top view

The waitress we got was rather scary she snapped at me when I was ordering! People are right do not come here for the service but just for the food.

Roxy Arcade,
71 George St,
Phone(02) 9633 9926

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Harry’s Singapore chilli crab

Lemon chicken… but it looks and taste like a chicken schnitzel.


The star dish! it was very yummy and messy. However I don’t think i be returning as the crab is way overpriced.

Triple Ace Bar
Level 1
198 Elizabeth St
Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: (02) 9281 5565

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