There was three drink options green tea, brown brothers orange muscat and flora. As silly as I am, I decided to pick the cognac. It was a little overpowering for me.

Clockwise from top lemon macaron, wasabi ganache tart, petit almond financier and Matcha green tea ganache tart.

I was confused biting into the green tart, I thought it might of being wasabi. Then we all realise the chocolate looking tart was wasabi doh! The macha tea wasn’t bad but it was thick and bit too strong in flavour for my tastebuds. The wasabi I knew instantly I wouldn’t like. Mister wasabi and me decided we were never friends in the first place. Mister wasabi I want to be your friend but I can’t warm up to you sorry. The petit almond financier was a delight but too small! The macaron was chewy inside and yet again I wish it wasn’t so small.

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberry coulis and freeze-dried raspberry flakes and vanilla panna cotta served with strawberry coulis.

The panna cotta brought back memories of the previous panna cotta I made. It was definitely creamy and rich. The mousse cake was pretty tasty but the best part was the freeze dried raspberry flakes on top!

Cute faces on the macarons.


No flash

With flash – A chocolate tasting plate of berry chocolate fudge, gianduja macaroon, and glace apricot and milk chocolate ganache tart.

We couldn’t help but noticed the waitress wasn’t very pleased that the fact we rocked up. We sense her bitchyness all throughout the service. Since we so K-oed from the walking and of course the sugar hit. We settled with hoping that they will let us order a sugar hit between two, yes they let us :) ! phewww. The cake was dry as anything it taste like its been sitting on the cold for several days. The tart was sweet like oh my god I tasted heaven amazing. “It is the tart we define as the tart that has changed our lives”. The macaron was sweet but not too much.

Over the years I come to realise that I can’t take too much sweet foods like when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong I love my sweets but when it comes to picking between savoury and sweets. Savoury is something you won’t get sick of. But sweet is like the comforting hug you yearn for.

Siff sugar hits for azuma and Bacco runs until end of october

Regent Place, 501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
phone: 0292677775

2 Chifley Plaza, Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 0292239552

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